Our mix series is orientated around featuring up-and-coming DJ's who share our passion for left-field, underground music. Our carefully curated selection of original, boundary-pushing mixes is an eclectic fusion of sounds that capture the essence of our beer; bold, authentic and unapologetic.

3AM 007 - LURCH

Our 7th mix comes from @sludge.sys head honcho, lurch. The hour and a half set begins pensively, as ambient synths interlock with crunchy downtempo drum patterns and spectral vocals. Just after the 30 minute mark, the body-moving sonics of smoke-filled basements begin to creep in. An absorbing mix of wigged out techno, frenzied breaks and weighty bleeps - ranging from the blissful hedonism of Future Sound of London to the sparse Bacardi house of DJ Stuks - carry the listener right through to a euphoric end. 

3AM 006 - INSK

Referencing 2023 being the Year of the Rabbit, our 6th mix includes bunny themed vocals and springy rhythms throughout. Insk’s hard to pin down set has no dull moments, kicking off with some driving house cuts before traversing through body-moving reggaeton, warping 303s, synthesiser psychedelia, 4x4 euphoria, jazz-inflected footwork, and blissful breakbeats.


Gaptooth is a London-based DJ who typically plays a blend of alien electro and mutant techno on the club and free-party circuit. Switching it up entirely for their 3AM mix, they provide us with something completely different - an hour and a half of serene Jazz and Bossa Nova.

3AM 004 - CESKA

CESKA is next up in our mix series, a London-based DJ who’s played her signature high-octane sets at some of the UK’s most revered clubs. This mix sees CESKA explore the more contemplative side of her musical taste and comes highly recommended if you’re into the sounds of spaced-out trip hop, blissful downtempo and ethereal vocals. 


For round three of our mix series, we have the Glasgow based boss of Idle State Recordings. Typically an EDM, punk and industrial specialist, the mix sees the producer cross over into the frequencies of the hardcore continuum under the alias, ITSNOTOVER.

3AM 002 - SUKI

East-London based singer and DJ, Suki is next up in our mix series. Artfully taking the listener through a range of high-octane club cuts during the hour, this one is recommended if you're into frenetic rhythms, breakbeat science or the hypnotic techno of Copenhagen's Niki Istrefi. 


First up in our mix series is Carl Junglist, who expertly weaves through an eclectic range of genres and moods in just over an hour. Whether you're a fan of chopped-up Phil Collins samples or the distorted drums of Andy Scott, this one's for you. 

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