Jog on Nobheads

We’re not a normal team here at 3AM, so, naturally, we don’t do normal shit. If it’s bad, we’ve probably done it, we’ll do most things for a good time, we rather enjoy getting in a bit of bother, and there’s very little we wouldn’t try to sell more beer.

We care about music. We’re committed to helping the industry get back on its feet after what’s been a shitty couple of years. 

We care about having a good time. We don’t care what your ‘good time’ looks like, you do you. So long as it doesn’t infringe on the good times of others, and you’re not a nobhead, we’re cool with it. 

We care about our customers and our people. Whether that’s our suppliers, the boozers who stock us, or the people who support the brand by buying our beer. 

And we care about freedom. So we’ll say things others daren’t. We’ll push the boundaries harder and further. And we’ll back those who need us to. 

We also run parties. We don’t care who you are. How you dress. What you’re into. How old you are. You’re invited. 

That’s us. That’s 3AM.

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